Highway Police

The main objectives of Highway Patrols are controlling Traffic, enforcement of Traffic Laws, prevention of Road Accidents, providing immediate attention and assistance to victims of accidents, handling of Law & Order issues, and enforcement of Laws on Highways, etc. Each Highway Police Vehicle is assigned an &lsquoOperational area&rsquo and a Base Station. The Officers and men are deployed for duty in the Highway Police from various Police Stations in the District.

The Three Highway patrols in Kannur Rural Police District are

1. Kilo 1   Payyannur - Thaliparmba- Mangad

2. Kilo 2   Thaliparmba- Sreekandapuram-Iritty

3. Kilo 3   Koottupuzha- Iritty-Chandanathode

Last updated on Monday 15th of November 2021 PM