Functioning of Women Reception Desks

Women Desks have been set up in most of the Police Stations of the State, since February 2006, under the charge of Women Police personnel, with an aim to help Women and Children seeking Police help, which they can do without any fear or inhibitions. Cases of atrocities against Women and Children, and harassment of women at home, work places or in public places, come under the purview of the Women Desks. These have proved to be extremely successful. The Womens Desk in a Police Station is under the control of a WSCPO/WCPO who listens to the complaints patiently and sympathetically, and takes the matter to higher authorities wherever necessary. The Women Desk also provides adequate and proper information to the Women and Children approaching them on various issues relating to the Police work. The Womens Desk is functioning during daytime ie. from 8 AM to 6 PM on all days. This system has been found to be a great success in redressing the grievances of the needy Women and Children


Senior Citizen Help Desk

Now a days the phenomenon of the growth of elderly population (60+) in India is alarming. In India, the culture of sending elderly persons to Old Age Homes is spreading with a remarkable pace. In 2002, of the total number of 1018 old age homes in India registered with the Help Age India, 186 were from Kerala. The old age population in India in 1961 was 25.6 million while after 30 years i.e., in 1991 it was more than double which comes to 56.7 million. In Kerala the old age population is much higher than that of the other states. It is also to be noted that majority of old age people in Kerala are widows. In 1991, among the old age people in the range of 60-69, 53.8% are widows and among those above 70 years it comes to 69.20 percent. As such the issues related to the old age and their grievances are showing an increasing trend. Statistics shoes that nine percent of our population is the elderly people and sixty-seven percent of those elderly people are widows. By 2021, about 20 percent of our population will be elderly people and the demand for the social security system in this sector will enormously increase. So, it is highly important to remember that social security to the senior citizens is not a charity but it is their basic human right. Hence Senior Citizen Help Desks have been constituted in all Police Stations within the jurisdiction of Thrissur Rural Police District and being functioned properly under the strict supervision of Inspectors of Police concerned. Functioning of the Senior Citizen Help Desks in this unit have improved the life style, security feeling and reduced the loneliness of the elderly people. The Senior Citizen Help Desk is formed to ensure the safety and security of senior citizens dwelling in the jurisdiction. The main objectives and features of the scheme are as follows &bull The senior citizens of the age group of 60 and above who are staying alone or as couple are covered by this scheme. &bull Such citizens can make registration to the Senior Citizen Forum online. &bull Every fortnight a Maytri policeman will be visiting the registered senior citizen at his home and ensure him maximum sense of security and confidence. &bull During night patrolling, the concerned area should be under close surveillance. &bull The senior citizen is not needed to visit the police station in any circumstance to make his complaint. He just rings up the toll-free helpline number (1090, 112) for police help. &bull The SHO himself will organize field visits to Senior Citizens giving them a better sense of Security and Confidence. &bull The SHO will personally contact the senior citizens at least once in every month to assess and address their security concerns. &bull The senior citizens can contact the District Police Chief in the event of any emergency. &bull The SDPOs must conduct frequent survey in their jurisdiction to identify senior citizens, especially aged couples, living alone. &bull Police will intensify patrolling and vehicle checks in areas where more number of aged couples are living. &bull The Local Police will keep monitoring the registered Senior Citizens by interacting with them on Telephone on regular basis.


Women Self Defence Training Programme

Women Self Defence Training Programme is a unique initiative of Kerala Police under its Community Policing Project. This project aims at empowering women through comprehensive awareness and practical training programme. The vulnerability of women and young girls is a major factor contributing to the instances of crime against women. This special programme for women's self defence has become extremely popular among the women folk of Kerala. Above 600 female police officers across the State have been trained to conduct the programme. The salient features of the project are: Empowering women through comprehensive awareness and practical training programme that includes -

  1. Confidence building tips to transform from a victim nature to smart nature
  2. Awareness on Legal aspects of crime against women
  3. Awareness on Police facilities for ensuring the safety of women
  4. Simple defence techniques to combat various threat situations like bag snatching, chain snatching, Sexual attacks, eve teasing, bus/ metro threats, lift attack, ATM attack, domestic violence etc.
  5. Nature of attacks and attackers and how to confront a dangerous situation.
  6. Awareness on Aspects of women empowerment.



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